This Low Carb Life

This is the post excerpt.

Most of my content is posted on Instagram, and if you follow that story over the last two-three years, you’ll see it morph and change to what I’m doing today with my food lifestyle.  My screen name on Instagram is brandi_ketoforlife.

The Beginning
I thought the beginning of this low carb lifestyle happened when I was challenged to go gluten free nearly three years ago.  I stuck out that 30 day challenge in 2015 and realized how much better my body felt without gluten.  The cravings subsided and I felt free from food finally.

Why Gluten Free Wasn’t Enough
I began craving foods less often.  The number one reason was because gluten free products were expensive and this led to eating cleaner, whole foods.  The second reason had everything to do with why I eventually started to buy more and more gluten free processed foods.  That reason………I hate to bake.  Eating more processed gluten free foods and not tracking calories led to weight gain.


Keto On
Back in February of 2017, I ventured into a new and shocking territory according to the looks on my family’s faces.  I began Keto.  My neurologist mentioned it for the 5-6 seizures I was having a day.  Then my gynecologist and endocrinologist mentioned low carb/Keto.  They both thought the Keto way of eating might help with with my hormone problems and metabolic syndrome issues.

Here it is January 29 of 2018 and I’ve committed to Keto for almost a year.  I have said my Keto vows, researched and found the end of the internet, and am finally in a place where I feel I can help others.

One last thing I’m sure you’re dying to know.  How much weight have I lost? 
The scale is a dirty, dirty bastard liar.  I hid that thing under the beds where only monsters like my scale should live.   I was obsessing over the numbers.  In 6 months I lost 12 pounds but dropped 2 pant sizes.  What does that tell you?  No, I’m asking, what does that tell you?  I’m still trying to figure it out.


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